Get to know the human connectome

Presentation at the St. Edmund Hall Centre for the Creative Brain, University of Oxford, 03 December 2015.

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The presentation gave an overview of the concept of connectome, and included a brief overview of the goals of the Human Connectome Project. Most of the content shown refers to the main (and initial) papers that have shaped the field as it currently stands, such that attendees would have become familiar with some of these central points. Far more research is ongoing, with many other interesting recent results.

To learn more, the main places to start are perhaps the two books written by Olaf Sporns:

The two publications that introduced the term “connectome” are:

The two Human Connectome Projects have each their own website, with many resources, including the collected data:

The NIH Blueprint announcement of the funding opportunity, and the results, are here and here (historical interest).